Parish of St. Thomas More Manalapan, New Jersey

   Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers
Deacon Matthew Nicosia
Phone:(732) 490-1592

All young parishioners in grades 4 through 12 are invited to become Altar Servers. Altar servers assist the clergy in the performance of all Sacred Ceremonies at the Sunday, Holy Day, wedding and funeral liturgies. Their responsibilities include:

  • - Carrying the thurible
  • - Bearing the cross and candles
  • - Assisting with Holy Water
  • - Assisting with water, wine, and offertory gifts
  • - Assisting with sacred books (Sacramentary, Book of the Chair)

All Altar Servers are required to attend a training session before being scheduled to serve Mass. Servers are expected to take responsibility for showing up when scheduled, arriving early (at least 10 minutes before Mass), dressing neatly, and serving with utmost reverence. This is an important ministry which welcomes all who are willing to make this special commitment to serve at the Altar of the Lord.

Father Perter Kochery

Baptismal Preparation
Msgr. Peter Kochery, Parochial Vicar
(732) 446-6661

All expectant parents are required to attend an instructional session which is held the first Wednesday of every month. Contact the Parish Office as early as possible to arrange for both parents to attend this special program. Baptisms are held on Sunday at 1:00p.m..

Reverend Mark W. Crane

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Father Mark W. Crane, Pastor
(732) 446-6661

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are parishioners who upon recommendation of the pastor are mandated for a year or more by the Bishop to distribute the Holy Eucharist during Mass or at other designated times and places. The privilege of distributing the Eucharist applies only within our parish boundaries and is open to both lay women and men. To be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, you must be at least 18 years old, and have received all the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. If you feel a calling to this ministry, contact the parish administrator.

Reverend Mark W. Crane

Father Mark W. Crane, Pastor
(732) 446-6661

Lectors, or ministers of the Word, are volunteers from the parish who proclaim readings from the Sacred Scriptures and, on some occasions, the Responsorial Psalm and the Prayer of the Faithful (petitions). The Lector may also, on occasion, read the parish announcements. All Lectors are required to attend a training session before being scheduled to serve at Mass.

Jim Anastasio

Sunday Offering Counters
James Anastasio
(732) 534-5366

The Sunday Offering Counters count and deposit the Sunday Collections, a service vital to the ongoing pastoral efforts of the parish. New members will always work with experienced counters in order to ensure uniform procedures.

Jeff D'Auria

Jeff D'Auria
(732) 792-2282

This ministry serves at Sunday, Holy Day and special parish liturgies, greeting parishioners on their way into Mass, assisting parishioners to find seats, assisting with the offertory collection and gifts procession, taking part in the offertory procession, handling special collections, and supervising the safety and other needs of the congregation. Ushers may be male or female, of high school age or older.

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