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Annulment Advocate

The Catholic Church believes in the permanency of the Sacrament of Marriage. However, some marriages may never have had the binding force that characterizes the sacrament of marriage and may be annulled. The parish offers clergy and professional staff to counsel for the petition of an annulment.

Ministry for Disabled, Handicapped and Chronically Ill
Aliceanne Sawyer

Our ministry here at St. Thomas More is rooted in the mission of the Church to spread the Kingdom of God and to continue Christ's work of healing through networking and recognizing God's desire that we achieve abundant life, while reaffirming and supporting the journey to wholeness. Our goal is to respond to those in our parish who are in need of healing.

As a Catholic parish community the people who are chronically ill or who have a physical disability need the support of the entire community; we need to reach others through prayers and support. Through concern for one another, we forge a special relationship that goes beyond the realms of simple friendship. Our unity is a unity born of a common situation and a common faith. Our ministry to, for and of the disabled and handicapped is forged by the redemptive suffering of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our ministry is based on St. Paul's words: "Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake," (Colossians 1:24). It is not easy to rejoice in suffering, or to endure chronic illness or disability day after day. To help with both, the St. Thomas More ministry was formed to be a networking forum for our parishioners. As we learn of activities going on, or when someone in need reaches out, we do our best to ease their discomfort, pain and/or inability to find a source of help.

We take the words of St. Peter; "Behold, do not be startled by the trial that is taking place in you… rejoice insofar as you are partakers of the sufferings of Christ, that you might also rejoice with exultation in the revelation of His glory" (1 Peter 4:12-13) as a guide and encouragement in our ministry.

Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation
Sheila Raimondo
(732) 446-1786

Pre-Cana is a diocesan program for couples preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony. Sessions consist of up to eight engaged couples and three married couples. Small group discussions include the following topics: finances, lifestyle, sexuality, spirituality, and interfaith marriage. Engaged couples are encouraged to communicate openly with each other in the hope that these discussions will continue long after the completion of the Pre-Cana sessions.

The Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation Team consists of married couples who want to help and encourage engaged couples in their commitment to each other. Although couples may come from diverse backgrounds, they share a willingness to talk about their marriage experiences, both rewarding and challenging, from a Catholic Christian perspective.

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