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The information on the following pages was created as an educational resource for children who currently serve or, who wish to serve as an Altar Server in our parish. It is our intention to provide you with all the information you need to perform your duties to the best of your ability. We hope you find it beneficial.

The altar server ministry is very important and you will be making a serious commitment to your parish family. Any boy or girl at least 9 years old is invited to become an altar server. Like all calls to ministry, it is God who makes the invitation. God calls you to help our parish worship by being an altar server. The server is the priest and deaconís right hand helper. Servers are to perform their duties in a sincere and reverent manner. This is rightly expected of them by God and his people. Your attentiveness to the words and actions of the Mass will assure that the liturgy will unfold in a smooth and prayerful manner for all. This will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Much of the information is general in nature and can be applied to both Churches in our parish. The information that is specific to either Our Lady of Mercy Church or St. Thomas More Church is separated under those headings.

General Information

Who's Who – Ministers at the Mass

Books used during the Mass or Service

Garments worn at the Mass and other Services

Liturgical Colors

Prayers and Responses you should know

Basic Rules to follow

Our Lady of Mercy Church

St. Thomas More Church

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

Altar Vessels, Linens and other Special items

Altar Vessels, Linens and other Special items

Order of the Mass & Duties of the Altar Server

Order of the Mass & Duties of the Altar Server

Do you still have questions that have not been answered or, is there something that you are not clear on? If so, you can email your questions to us at

 Altar Server Ministry Contacts:
 •  Deacon Matthew Nicosia | Phone: (732) 490-1592 | Email:
 •  Vincenza Magliano, Parish Administrator | Phone: (732) 446-6661 | Email:

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